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Our Masonry Services

Restoration & Renovation

Whether brick, concrete, or stone, your valued structure will benefit from a thorough restoration that will renew the appearance of every surface and protect them from further deterioration.

Urethane or Epoxy Injection

Injections are a permanent way to stabilize and seal cracked or compromised surfaces. Once Urethane Foam or Epoxy is injected into a crack or void the material will form a stable subsurface that will support any further restoration.

Repointing & Caulking

Repointing and caulking is an essential part of creating a tight and secure structure when it comes to being exposed to elements and can extend the useful life of any building significantly.

Liquid Membrane & Sealing Coatings

Liquid Membranes are one of the most effective ways to seal your masonry surfaces and foundations protecting you from the damage caused by freezing water and giving you a drier, more usable basement.

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