Urethane or Epoxy Injection

Cracks in a foundation can channel water into a building and create problems for the rest of the structure.

Even a small crack in a foundation can grow over time and result in water seepage and possible structure damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to permanently repair such cracks quickly and effectively.

By using pressure injection of and Epoxy or Polyurethane Foam material, concrete foundation cracks may successfully be repaired.

Urethane Foam is an effective way to seal leaks from the inside out. Injections set up fast and actively seek out water to react with, so it is able to stop actively leaking.

LGT Restoration can seal your cracked or otherwise compromised foundations with Urethane Foam or Epoxy injections.

Epoxy is often used for cracks in foundations that are structural in nature due to its very high compressive strength. Very often the repair is stronger than the actual wall that is being repaired.

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